Myths about (COVID-19) the Corona virus should not be believed

Myths about the Corona virus should not be believed

With the spread of the Corona virus in the world during the current period, we hear many myths about this disease, which must stop believing.

Myths about (COVID-19) the Corona virus should not be believed
Myths about (COVID-19) the Corona virus should not be believed

There is a lot of information about the Corona virus circulating around the world in the current period, so you must know what is right and what is not correct to help maintain health and avoid any risks caused by this virus.

Here are the most famous myths about the Corona virus and its facts.

You can prevent infection with Corona virus

This information says that corona virus infection can be prevented through some treatments or herbs, and it is a myth promoted by some companies specializing in drugs, drugs or natural herbs, where they provide medicines to treat this virus.
But in fact, is not available yet any treatment or medication or vaccine for the virus , Corona, and in the case of any person exposed to the infection will become infected with this disease, and there is about the only follow preventive measures to avoid infection from this occurrence of the virus, the most important washing hands properly .

The muzzle helps completely prevent the Corona virus

This information says that wearing a muzzle helps completely prevent infection with the Coronavirus, because it covers the area through which infection can occur, which is the mouth and nose.

But in fact, the World Health Organization recommends the use of a muzzle for people who suffer from symptoms of illness or cough, or who mix with infected people such as medical staff, or who are going to travel to places where the virus is widespread.

Importing products from China that could cause transmission

This information says that Chinese products carry the virus, and if any product coming from China is purchased or used, the chances of infection with the Coronavirus will increase.

But in fact, the infection will not be transmitted from Chinese products, because the virus does not stay alive for a very long time on surfaces, and even if it is transferred to any product, so it is unlikely that infection will occur from shipments that take several days or weeks until it is transmitted from one country to another .

The effective way to transmit infection is sneezing , coughing, or touching surfaces that carry the virus.

Corona virus causes death in all circumstances

This information says that the Corona virus causes death to the person who is infected with it in any case, and this means that all people infected with the Corona virus have died after being infected with it.

But in reality, the death rate from the Corona virus does not exceed 2%, and this means that the recovery rate from it is 98%.

Corona virus can cause death, but this depends on several factors, as the chances of death increase if elderly people contract this disease, as well as people who suffer from chronic diseases and weak immunity , and the evidence for this is the recovery of many people around the world after Infection with this virus.

Doctors also confirm that children are the least exposed to the risks of the Corona virus even if they have contracted the virus, due to the presence of natural immunity in their bodies, and researches are still being conducted on this matter to ensure all the information revolves around it.

Corona virus is the most dangerous virus in the world

This information says that the Corona virus is the most dangerous virus in the world, due to its high prevalence and the presence of deaths due to this virus, which made many people think it is the most dangerous at all.

But in fact, there are many dangerous viruses that have appeared in different years, and that the death toll from infection is greater than that of corona virus, such as Ebola and other dangerous viruses.