Is Corona's new treatment coming soon?

Is Corona's new treatment coming soon?

In light of the rapid spread of the Corona virus, everyone is wondering, is there a near treatment for this emerging virus? Here is the answer.

The emerging coronavirus is spreading
Is Corona's new treatment coming soon?

The emerging coronavirus is spreading so quickly that it has reached many different countries around the world, such as the UAE, America and others.

Until now, there is no cure for the Corona virus, but researchers around the world agree that the vaccine is more important than the treatment and better than it. However, discovering a vaccine for this virus would take at least one year.

In contrast, some drug companies are working to find a cure for the emerging coronavirus, which would cure many patients, but doing so would take a minimum period of time of six months as well.

In general there are two ways to treat a viral infection, and according to scientists, one of these methods is to find small molecules that help stop the reproduction of the virus, but the failure rate here is very large.

The second method is to use the same methods and tools that the human body uses, which are antibodies , which work to fight the virus.

The human body may need two weeks from the time the virus enters it in order to be able to produce an appropriate amount of antibodies to fight the virus, thus working to manufacture such antibodies would reduce this period and increase the body's fight against disease.

In turn, Fudan University in China had started testing antibodies in 2002 when the Coronavirus spread for the first time, but the researchers made it clear that manufacturing a sufficient amount of antibodies may take some time and should be applied to animals first.

So the answer to this question is still under research and testing.