How to get rid of paunch quickly

How to get rid of paunch quickly

paunch The paunch is one of the problems that affect many people, and it is the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area, which is known scientifically as moderate obesity or obesity associated with the male sex, as it is known as the shape of an apple, and the accumulation of fat in this region is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, it raises from The risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer, and although this type of obesity is more prevalent in men, it is also present in women, especially after menopause

How to get rid of paunch quickly
How to get rid of paunch quickly

After diagnosing obesity with the use of a body mass index (3) , a diagnosis of mean obesity is made by using a waist circumference measurement, as this measurement should not exceed 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men (1) .

Quick disposal methods

The best way to lose weight and paunch is by combining diet and exercise and gradually changing the lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle (2) , (3) , and progressive methods are more successful than those fast methods or promise to lose complete paunch in a short period of time (2) , The diet is considered the basis for weight loss, as the reduction in calories consumed causes an imbalance of energy in the body, so the body burns fat to compensate for the lack of energy intake (5) , and when losing weight and body fat, there is a loss of belly fat (4)However, recent studies have found a strong correlation between exercising, especially aerobic exercises, and abdominal fat loss in particular, which includes the internal fats that surround important organs, as it was found that aerobic exercise regularly for at least 10 hours per week for several weeks reduces Of belly fat, and therefore the risk of death and death related to abdominal fat (5) .

Rumble disposal exercises

 Scientific research has found a direct correlation between practicing medium to severe aerobic exercise regularly for at least 8 weeks and getting rid of belly fat, as the more exercise this type of exercise increases with the amount of fat that the body gets rid of, also found positive results for resistance exercises ( 7) , but certainly a proper diet regimen should be followed with exercise in order not to take in more calories than necessary (4) . Examples of aerobic exercises 
that can be practiced to get rid of paunch:
  • Brisk walking or jogging (5)
  •  Stationary bike (5) .
  •  Jump using the rope (4) .
  •  Running (4)
  •  . Any other type of aerobic exercises or aerobic classes (4) .
Resistance exercises can also be added to improve body fat burning, i.e. exercises that depend on weights or body weight (7) , and resistance exercises to the abdominal muscles can be practiced until this area is tightened (4) .

paunch disposal diet 

There is no specific diet for loss of paunch fat without other body fat, and in order for the rumen to be lost by the diet, a low-calorie diet should be followed for the loss of excess weight, and a reliable nutritionist must be consulted so that a wrong diet is not followed from the diets that are frequently promoted and spread among people without being It has a correct scientific and health basis (4) .

As an example of a weight loss diet, the following diet gives 1500 calories, but this or another diet should not be followed without consulting a physician or dietitian to assess the health and nutritional status and ensure that there is nothing to prevent it from being followed.

  • Diet 

    • Breakfast: (60 g brown bread or bran + 1 cup skim milk + 1/3 cup labneh + ½ cup vegetable slices), or (1 1/2 cup full-prepared unsweetened breakfast cereal + 1 cup skim milk + 1/2 cup Slice of vegetables).
    • Snack: 3 small dates, a small apple, a small orange, or a small banana.
    • Lunch: (1 cup of peppered rice with a small amount of oil + 90 gm of skinless chicken breast + 1 cup of molokhia or any other cooked vegetables), or (cup of rice or pressed rice + 90 g of skinless chicken breast or grilled fish + a cup of vegetable salad) , Or (medium sized roasted or boiled potatoes + 90 gm pure calf steak + 1 cup vegetable salad).
    • Snack: 2 cups vegetable salad without oil.
    • Dinner: 30 g brown bread or bran + (a piece of white cheese diet or 1/3 cup low-fat labneh or 30 g turkey slices) + ½ cup vegetable slices + a cup of skim milk.
    • Snack: a small orange, 2 medium-sized figs, 17 small-sized grapes, 4 fresh apricots, or 1 1/4 cup whole strawberries (4) .

Surgery to get rid of paunch

Surgery to get rid of rumen Many people think of getting rid of rumen and losing weight through surgeries, and although this solution works in some cases of obesity when the benefit from them exceeds the damage that can occur from its complications, it must not be thought of without strong health justifications, and of the types The surgical operations that are used to process liposuction, it is worth advice here that this process is considered cosmetic and not therapeutic, as it may rid the person of the rumen for a short period without treating the causes that led to the accumulation of fat and the formation of rumen (2) , and the person after this process must follow A real treat for reasons For obesity diet and sports to keep the results (4) , and that, although this type of operation is considered safe in general, but it can result in serious complications may cause death (2) .

In the other type of surgeries used to treat obesity and get rid of rumen, the size of the stomach is reduced, which reduces the secretion of the hormone ghrelin that is responsible for hunger, and these operations lead to a high weight loss, but the success of these operations in losing weight and its safety depends on the extent of the patient's commitment After the doctor’s instructions after the operation, it can also result in many complications, such as: infections, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, and it can lead in the long run to a deficiency in some vitamins and minerals (2) .


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