Health benefits of ejaculation in men

Health benefits of ejaculation in men

Ejaculation for a man has many health and sexual benefits, so it is advised that a married man maintain a regular sexual relationship.

Health benefits of ejaculation in men
Health benefits of ejaculation in men

Ejaculation occurs in a man when reaching orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse, as sperm begin to fertilize eggs for the occurrence of pregnancy , but this is not the only benefit of ejaculation, but there are some other benefits that accrue to the man from it.

The benefits of ejaculation for men

Here are the most important health and sexual benefits accruing to a man from ejaculation.

1- An indicator of sexual health

Ejaculation is an indication of a man's good sexual health, and that he does not suffer from various sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and others.
Also, through ejaculation and the occurrence of pregnancy, it is possible to reassure the health and quality of sperm.

2- Reducing the feeling of tension

When ejaculation occurs, the production of some hormones increases in the body, which are happiness-related hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine.

These hormones are associated with positive emotions and a sense of well-being and happiness, and help relieve stress .

3- Helping to sleep

Immediately after ejaculation, the man feels the desire to sleep, and thus ejaculation greatly helps in the ease of sleeping at night, as hormones and chemicals such as prolactin are released, which increase the feeling of relaxation.

4- Fighting depression

Also, some hormones that are released during ejaculation also help improve the psychological state and combat depression , which are the serotonin and dopamine hormones.

5- Improving the quality of sperm

The more ejaculation in a man, the better the quality of sperm, because ejaculation helps relieve the tension that affects the quality of sperm .

Also, ejaculation continuously reduces the chances of damage to the DNA that sperm move inside.

6- Strengthening the body's immune system

When a man gets enough sleep and is in a good psychological state, the immune system becomes stronger and more resistant to infection, especially in the winter season.

Ejaculation also helps to raise levels of immunoglobulin A or IGA in the body, which stimulates the immune system to fight it and fight any other enemy that attacks the body.

7- Reducing migraine symptoms

During ejaculation, endorphins are released, which act as a natural analgesic for migraines , as well as serotonin, which promotes a positive feeling.

8- Prevention of heart disease

Ejaculation contributes 1-2 times per week to reduce the chances of life-threatening heart disease, because ejaculation requires physical exertion that promotes cardiovascular health.

9- Improving the relationship between the spouses

The intimate relationship plays a role in achieving bonding between the spouses and the consolidation of the sexual and marital relationship, as both of them feel pleasure during intimate practice.

10- Protection from prostate cancer

Ejaculation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer , as some studies have shown that repeated ejaculation more than 5 times a week prevents the accumulation of cancer cells.

What is a good ejaculation rate?

It is not possible to determine a good rate of ejaculation for a man, as the matter varies according to many factors, namely:

  • Men's health.
  • The nature of the man's work.
  • Age stage.

However, it is preferable that the rate of ejaculation not be less than two to three times per week, so that the number of ejaculations per month ranges between 8 to 12 times.