Bodybuilding exercises for beginners

Bodybuilding exercises for beginners

Did you decide to do bodybuilding? Do not worry, start with bodybuilding exercises gradually, and follow the following rules, which will give you the desired results without harm.

Bodybuilding exercises for beginners
Bodybuilding exercises for beginners

Starting a workout on a bodybuilding program can be a terrifying experience. Upon arriving at the gym, everyone seems to know what to do, looking around you with astonishing diversity of sports equipment . How does all this work? Ask yourself.

Even the vocabulary used in the gym seems like a strange language, it might help you remind yourself that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the well-known bodybuilder, arrived for the first time in his past at the gym!

You may decide to start bodybuilding exercises to build muscle mass or lose weight, which are possible with the help of strength exercises, it does not matter why you are doing bodybuilding exercises , the important thing is that you decided to start.

We advise you to write your goals and expectations for what you wish to achieve in the long and short term, and you should follow a clear program for bodybuilding exercises, and you must understand that there are better and more suitable training methods for people without others.

The most important steps for beginners in bodybuilding exercises

Our goal in this article is to guide you in the first months of bodybuilding exercises, so that you can step up a degree in exercise and build a workout routine that meets your specific needs. Misconceptions about building muscle   

Is there one training program for everyone? No. Do not expect that proper bodybuilding training for a 20-year-old basketball player who wants to improve her game, is the same for a 45-year-old businessman who wants to hone his body and improve his health.

Every person who exercises bodybuilding exercises has its own motivations, desires and different genetic potentials and it must suit itself with a special program . It is not difficult, but you should take the following points into consideration:

  1. The weightlifting exercise should be gradual and appropriate to your abilities.
  2. Medical approval must be obtained from your physician if you are over 40 years old , or have health problems or previous sports injuries, and gyms generally require such approval.
  3.  Be realistic but positive as well. Evaluate your current situation and where you would like to be after 3 months, 1 year and 5 years, focus on your goals so that you can achieve them.
  4. Adhere to 3 months before deciding whether bodybuilding exercises suit you or not, you will have to fight impatience because the body sculpting takes time, but 3 months is enough to see clear changes in the strength and size of the body.
  5. Before starting bodybuilding exercises, you need to think about how and why you want to build your workout routine. Your primary goals as a beginner are to build a solid ground and not every training program is suitable for providing this.
  6. Bodybuilders work on different muscle groups each time, working on including 1-3 exercises in the training to ensure inclusiveness. This type is the most effective for achieving the goal of bodybuilding, training that changes exercises that allow different movements of different parts of the body without rest between them.
  7. Each muscle group should be exercised separately to prevent muscle loss and the risk of sports injuries. The central muscle group includes: 
  8. Leg muscles, including the thigh muscle, hamstrings, and leg muscles. ، Chest muscles.، Shoulders muscles.، back muscles.، Muscles of the abdomen and arms.
  9. You can choose from a set of movements to work on a group of muscles, but it is recommended that beginners follow basic exercises to build a good foundation for them.
  10. The first exercise that you will do on a specific muscle group should be with a complex movement (a complex movement that is not the same as in a single movement entering one or two joints and thus engaging a greater number of auxiliary muscles).
  11. Some of the basic movements can be done in several ways, for example: you can bend with weights or perform the exercise using the fitness machine, in the end you will learn how to work and integrate it into your training routine.
  12. It is possible to do two exercises similarly differently on the muscles. When installing exercises for a fitness training routine, you must combine different movements on the same muscle, so 2-3 exercises are combined in the training on each part of the body.
  13. During the first exercise, it is advisable to maintain an easy level to feel how to do the movements correctly, after getting used to the method of exercises you can then add weight to the weights.
  14. The gradient is important, even an experienced weightlifter first performs a heating group almost without weights to stimulate the target muscle and related tissue by blood flow.
  15. In the second group, first add a few weight rings and then repeat. Is it still easy? Add a light extra weight (called adding weight in exercises is a pyramid exercise, and this is one of the safer ways to train).
  16. Add weights until you have difficulty repeating the exercise 8 - 12 times. Your goal is to practice until you reach your maximum ability to count 8 to 12 times of iteration. The moment you find the weight that's challenging, stay there.
  17. The moment you do 12 exercises, this is the time to gain weight by about 10%. Here you won't be able to do it 12 times straight away, but you will get used to it over time, keep exercising this way.
The principle behind bodybuilding exercises   is "overvoltage", and for improvement to occur, you need to ask your muscles more than they are used to in normal (for the purpose of bodybuilding, about two-thirds of your maximum strength).

Muscles compensate for the effort at the cellular level by adding protein to grow thicker and stronger muscles. At this point, this pressure is not enough to make additional changes, and therefore more pressure must be added to the muscles.

This means, bodybuilding training catalysts must be added gradually to continue seeing an improvement. Continue your weight, after completing and repeating the workouts. Remember, the name of the game is not weightlifting, but bodybuilding.