Bodybuilding: 8 tips for developing muscle mass

Bodybuilding: 8 tips for developing muscle mass

Bodybuilding requires effort, proper and continuous work, as well as a diet that aims to increase muscle mass. Here are some important tips from experts:

Bodybuilding: 8 tips for developing muscle mass
Bodybuilding: 8 tips for developing muscle mass

Bodybuilding and muscle gain are not an easy task, but can be very enjoyable regardless of the results. But since we aspire to the best results, we will provide you with a number of important tips before registering for the gym.

Getting started from easy to difficult

It should be noted that once you started practicing bodybuilding exercises with the aim of increasing the size of  muscles , you must participate in preparing for the major goal that you aspire for at least a month, meaning that in the first month of training, you have to practice relatively easy exercises, and make sure that each exercise you By performing it using all kinds of equipment, you can repeat it several times, about 20 times.

This means that the weight does not get too heavy for you, and so the first month is used to stabilize the muscle and prepare it to carry heavier weights at a later time. Care must be taken to perform stretching and relaxation exercises during training, and after about a month it will be possible to start carrying heavier weights.

The advanced stage

After you have gone through the initial exercise period that included groups that were repeated 20 times for at least one month of training, you can gain weight and reach the state in which each group repeats 12-15 times, when the pressure is noticeable in the final exercises and the effort is great.

When you work out on relatively heavy weights and repeat it a few times, you can start with bodybuilding and build muscle . And in more advanced stages, you can even reach 8-10 times repetitively. Heavy weights are the ideal exercises to increase muscle size. The recommended number of groups for each exercise is 3.

Anti muscle

For every muscle you work on in the gym, there is a counter muscle. The opposite muscle is the other way around. For example, the anti-biceps muscle (anterior hand muscle) is the triceps muscle (posterior hand muscle).

The anti-chest muscle is the back muscle and so on. To develop your body in a correct way, you must ensure that each muscle gets attention from you, so that you do exercises that also run the opposite muscle.

From hardware to free weights

It is important to note that there is a big difference between different bodybuilding equipment and free weights. The greatness of different sports equipment manifests itself as limiting movement and maintaining body balance, thus preventing injuries. The downside is that it occupies fewer motor units and increases muscle size.

The free weights of more advanced exercise allow the freedom of movement of the muscles. The advantage of this is that there are more and more motor units operating which with their help can achieve maximum results. The downside of this freedom of movement is that the risk of  muscle injuries and infections increases.


Be sure to consume the right amount of  proteins , it is recommended to consult a dietitian. Later on, make sure to eat whole meals, rich in vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates (especially before doing the training), dietary fiber and mention again the importance of proteins. 

In addition, drink plenty of water throughout the day and during exercise. The nutritionist  should also be consulted  about the timing of meals during the training day and rest days.

Doing bodybuilding at least twice a week

The truth is, in order to develop muscle mass effectively, it is recommended to exercise three to four times a week. Recent studies have shown that it is possible to progress in training twice a week, but this process is very long, as the muscle should not be pressed with heavy weights and with a series of exercises that may surprise the muscle every time again, instead of getting used to it. 


While you exercise routine, be sure to get good sleep and adequate, as the muscles will develop specifically during rest. In addition, the muscles need rest for 24 to 72 hours between each training.

Exercise, heat, stretch and relax

Many people do not know this (or deny it ..) but aerobic exercise is a very important factor in increasing muscle size, because these exercises strengthen the heart and improve blood flow in the body, which means that your muscles will gain a good blood flow Which in turn will contribute to its operation and thus increase its size. In addition, make sure to do the heating, tightening and relaxing, as they are vital to prevent muscle inflammation and various injuries during exercise.